General Informations about the Conference

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I am very happy to announce, that there will be the first International TAGteach Conference in Switzerland! After the fantastic TAGteach Summit in 2015 in Verona I am very proud to be able to host the first Conference here in Switzerland!
The goal is to bring as many TAGteachers from as many fields as possible together to be able to share experiences, practise and learn with and from each other.

Several International Speakers will present their work, their experiences and their ways of using TAGteach in various different fields such as Sports, Education, Working with Special Needs, Animal Training, Family, Work environment and others.
There will be a mix between speeches and presentations and practical sessions where all participants can learn first hand.

On the Friday in the late afternoon will be a Poster Presentation, that is open to anyone happy and willing to present their own take on TAGteach or some specific experience they had when using TAGteach.
Each Presenter will get a A3 Poster Space and a table to present their work in words, pictures, videos or little practical sessions.

- Theresa McKeon - USA
- Luca Canever - Italy
- Eva Bertilsson - Sweden
- Taylor McCaffrey - UK
- Ann Bergeron - USA
- Claudia Moser - Switzerland
- more to be confirmed soon!

They will cover many different areas and fields (such as School Teaching, Learning with Disabilities, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Zoo/Animal-Training, ....) where TAGteach is used!

The lovely and rural Village Sornetan in the middle of the Bernese Jura.

Claudia Moser / Clickerzentrum Schweiz GmbH in collaboration with TAGteach International

Need some more reasons to come?
We will offer a sightseeing trip on Thursday or Monday to a monastry with cheese factory and muesum and in the Etang de Gruère.
Combine your trip with some additional holiday-days where you can go hiking, biking or just sightseeing in the beautiful area around Sornetan.

Or take some sightseeing-trips to:
- Bern (ca. 1 hour by train or car)
- Zurich (ca. 1.5 hours by train or car)
- Basel (ca. 1 hour by train or car)
- Lucerne (ca. 1.5 hours by train or car)
- Berner Oberland - The Alps (2 hours by train or car)
- Combine your journey to or from Sornetan with a train ride such as Glacier Express

Booking for the Conference and the Hotel Rooms opens on the 15th of February 2019!